Easter Table Decor Ideas

Published July 15, 2012

Easter Egg DisplaySpring is finally here so welcome it into your home with some simple and pretty decorating ideas. If you have time to colour your eggs a day or two ahead it will help save time when you are ready to set the table.

I love this idea. I saw it done at a friend’s last year and thought it would be great to share with you. A simple white egg is coloured in yellow food colouring and dried for 1 hour. A cute nose is cut from coloured construction paper (or you can use felt) and black eyes are applied with an indelible ink marker. Crack a brown egg open and discard the contents. Rinse out and use as a holder for the chick. Place in a basket or bowl of brown eggs. Place in the center of the table.

En Elegant Affair
If you are looking for more of an elegant centerpiece try this green and brown arrangement. I used a green planter as the base but a green basket or other container will suffice. Fill the planter with tissue paper and add fresh greens for the top layer. Green from your garden will work beautifully but if you are in a pinch you can substitute with leaves or fresh parsley from the grocery store. Colour a few white eggs in various shades of green using an egg colouring kit or paint them with acrylic paints. (If you choose to paint them then they will no longer be edible). Place a store-bought chocolate bunny in the center of the planter and surround it with the coloured eggs. Finish off with a pretty ribbon.

Easter Chic
Set a stylish table this year with a little glitter, crystal and candles. This is a perfect Easter decorating idea for a fancy and romantic evening. Instead of colouring your eggs this year, paint them with white, craft glue and sprinkle them with glitter. Arrange them in pretty egg holders and scatter candles around the base. Look for all kinds of egg holders on store shelves at the moment.

Remember, decorating your table for Easter need not be an elaborate task. Just a few key items will draw attention to a pretty table.