Adding Life to Lifeless Outdoor Furniture

Published July 19, 2012

When our summer finally arrives we may be able to go outside and actually sit in our deck and patio furniture. If you find yourself digging through your garage and basement pulling out last year’s furniture and becoming very exasperated by its appearance, you may want to check out the new Rust-Oleum and Tremclad paints. Rather than tossing out those plastic patio chairs onto the curb this year, do your part in keeping garbage out of the landfill by reclaiming what once was lost and turn it into something beautiful.

Interior designers are favoring bold and bright colours this year for outside entertaining. Rich and intense shades of orange and red are popping up on outdoor decks coupled with eggplant, lavender and mauve. Blues are also extremely popular this summer in shades of aqua and lively Caribbean blue. Another huge trend is metallics. Gold, Silver and bronze are showing up in textiles, leather and wall coverings as well.

Rust-Oleum has more than a thousand decorative shades of paints and finishes that will add drama and life to your worn out furniture. Choose colours that will brighten up your patio like Key Lime, Grape and Berry Pink. Rust-Oleum’s specialty paints for plastic will revitalize those ubiquitous plastic chairs with a rich glossy finish while renewing and restoring the chair in one easy application with no priming required.

If you have old and tired-looking metal furniture, Tremclad has introduced a new and unique formulation of paint that penetrates rusty surfaces to inhibit rust and give your furniture long-lasting durability. These fade-resistant finishes are available in a multitude of colours such as Regal Red, Pistachio, Anodized Bronze and Spring Green. Use your imagination to turn your rusting remnants into something fabulous.

Both Rust-Oleum and Tremclad are wonderful for patio furniture but they can also be used on other outdoor decorating items such as watering cans, tables, wheelbarrows and metal planters. The options are endless and all you require is a little imagination.

You can find these paints here on the North Shore at outlets such as Home Depot and Walmart as well as other retail outlets across Canada. Check out for more information about these and other paints under the Rust-Oleum family.

Be sure to clear the area of any items you would rather not see painted and lay as much newspaper or drop-sheets as possible for easy clean up. It’s always a good idea to apply spray paint outside or in a very well ventilated area. The spray from these paints can travel a long way so best not to spray on a windy day…unless your neighbor wants his house painted as well.