Autumn Display

Published July 19, 2012

When the weather turns and we find ourselves indoors for longer periods of time it’s nice to add a splash of colour inside our homes. This can easily be done with flowers.  I’ve always felt that flowers have the power to brighten up our spirits in the same way the sunshine can. Having a vase filled with fresh flowers in your home also adds a wonderful decorative touch to any room.

If you like to enjoy the seasonal flowers why not try this autumn display. Cylindrical vases are found in many stores now and purchasing a few gourds at your local grocery store is easy.



  • 1-2 large 16”-22” clear, glass, cylindrical vases
  • Assorted gourds
  • Fresh greens (ivy works well)
  • Sharp knife or scissors


Clean your vases of any dirt and debris and wash the gourds of any residue.

Carefully place the gourds inside the vase with the larger ones placed in the bottom. Continue to add the gourds until the vase is filled to the halfway mark or less.

Cut a strand of ivy from your garden or any other leafy green and wash it of any residue. Place the greens on the top of the vase. You may have to replace the greens in 4-5 days but the gourds should last for a couple of weeks.

This arrangement looks wonderful on a foyer table or side table in the living room. Use varying sizes of vases for a collective look.