Bottle Chic…Ideas for Dressing Up Your Host's Wine

Published July 19, 2012

Look for miniature items at Michaels Crafts

This year for New Year’s why not dress up your hostess gift with some personal touches? It’s always thoughtful to give a bottle of wine or champagne to your host and it can be even more special if you have taken the time to personalize it.

Wine bottles wrapped in pretty holiday wrapping papers or placed inside organza bottle bags are all nice ideas. But before you give it to your host add a few items to really make it stand out. If your host is a fantastic cook decorate the bottle with a miniature cheese grater and whisk (available at Christmas stores). Perhaps for the wine lover a miniature bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon or Chardonnay would suit their tastes?

Every one loves chocolate. Finish off your wrapped bottle of Ice Wine or Dessert Sherry with a small bag of chocolates. Simply purchase a favorite box of chocolates and fill a small cellophane bag with 10 or so and tie to the neck of the bottle.

Other ideas include attaching a small notebook for the organized person or a favorite pouch of bath salts and soap for a soothing bath. Tie a small pet toy or treat to the bottle of wine destined for a pet lover. Or perhaps some golf tees and a miniature golf pen for the golfer in your family.

Use your imagination before gifting that next bottle of wine. It only takes minutes to think of a personal item that your recipient will truly appreciate during these busy times.