Caring For Your Outdoor Furniture Over the Winter Months

Published July 19, 2012

Now that the fall months are upon us it’s time to start thinking about packing away the patio and deck furniture for the winter. Vancouver has enjoyed one of the nicest summers on record so it doesn’t feel too early to put away the deck furniture this year.

There are a few tips that you may want to keep in mind when you go to store your furniture and cushions.  Glynis Miskin, of Ginger Jar Interiors has some suggestions for keeping your cushions and furniture looking great over the fall months.

Firstly, never store your cushions in plastic bags. This is important especially if they are damp. Wet cushions will produce mildew if sealed over time. Best to purchase cushions that are made with “Sunbrella” fabric. This fabric is very easy to maintain and in most cases can be cleaned with a mild soap and warm water.  It is also very resistant to sunshine and will keep it’s colour quite a bit longer than other outdoor fabrics. Another great advantage to Sunbrella fabric is that stain removal is a snap.  Simple dish detergent and warm water is enough to remove most bird droppings, beer, wine and other stains.

Cushions should always be able to air dry and there should be ample air circulation over the fall months while they are stored. Store your cushions in a dry, clean area where there is no moisture. If you choose to leave your cushions and furniture outside then you can purchase protective furniture covers from companies such as Treasure Garden. These covers are available in a variety of sizes and are made with an acrylic fabric that is breathable, water-resistant and washable. Prices range from $86 for a chair to $192 for a table cover.

Miskin always recommends to bring your cushions and furniture inside if possible over the winter months. This will help keep your furniture looking like new for many years. One of Miskin’s favorite outdoor furniture lines is called Cane-Line made by Hularo. This furniture is handwoven with a German produced Hularo synthetic fibre.

Weatherproof, Colourfast, UV-resistant and extremely durable in high and low temperatures, this furniture line has proven itself year after year. It is an environmentally friendly and recyclable material that is almost maintenance free. Simply wash with warm soap and water and let air dry.

If you are in the market for durable outdoor furniture this line may be for you. For more information contact Ginger Jar at 1400 Marine Drive, North Vancouver.