Coloured Floral Foam

Published July 19, 2012

If you are thinking about setting the table this Easter you may want to have a look at the coloured, wet floral foam that is available in floral stores. These foams are wonderful when inserted into clear vases and filled with beautiful Spring flowers. There is no need to hide the floral foam as it adds colour and drama to the arrangement on it’s own. Colours range from light pinks and yellows to soft greens and deep purples. The sky is the limit when choosing your foam and coordinating flowers. Don’t’ be afraid to let your creativity shine when arranging your Easter table this year.



  • 1 large coloured wet floral foam block (available at WV Florist $5.95 each)
  • clear vases
  • coordinating flowers
  • sharp knife


When choosing your flowers be aware that flowers such as tulips and daffodils have very soft, pliable stems that make it difficult to insert into the dense floral foam.  You are best to stick to other flowers such as roses, freesia and orchids that have firmer stems to insert into the foam. There are a myriad of other choices to choose from at your local florist or grocery store.

Choose a vase that is flat sided. The round variety is too difficult to position the foam inside. Be sure to soak your floral foam for at least 15 minutes. The colored floral foam takes longer to absorb the water than the regular, dark green wet foam.

Donald Yim, a West Van Florist designer chose Phalanopsis Orchids, Euringium, Prunus Blossom, Freesia, Cape lilies and roses among others for this contemporary arrangement. The Horse Tail was another creative addition to add a whimsical appeal.

You can add height to your arrangement or perhaps take a more conservative, full approach by using just roses or just orchids for simplicity. Just remember that your dinner guests should be able to see over the flowers at the table during dinner. It would be a shame to have to remove the arrangements once your dinner guests are seated.