Creative Containers For Storage and Gifts

Published July 19, 2012

I think it’s great when you come across an item that truly has many purposes. Multipurpose items such as beeswax, olive oil and plain Ziploc bags are just a few examples of things we tend to use for different reasons around the house. Olive oil is fabulous for using on zippers that are stuck. It can also be rubbed on candleholders before placing the candle inside. Once the candle has burned down it just slides right out of the holder courtesy of the olive oil. We all know how many purposes Ziploc bags serve. These little bags are the best investment for sealing up almost everything.

Did you know that Chinese Food boxes are another incredibly versatile item to keep in your pantry? Next time you are in a dollar store or craft store such as Michaels be sure to pick up some of these little containers. Michaels carries them in various size and colours as well.

One of the best uses for these little, Chinese Food boxes is to send leftover food home with guests or for simply storing in the fridge. Most of them are lined with a plastic coating so as to prevent any leakage and you can seal them easily with the fasteners on the top of the box. Pick up some little labels or make them on your computer for easy labeling of what is inside.

Another great purpose is for holding pencils, pens and other desk items at your workspace. Fill them with coloured pencil crayons for your child’s desk or use the smaller versions for paper clips and staples.

I love using these boxes as well for kid’s Birthday parties. They make great loot bags filled with small candy and other toys for the kids to take home. Tie the multicoloured boxes off with ribbons and nametags.

Lastly, the plastic waterproof versions of these Chinese Food boxes make fabulous containers for flower arrangements. Use the box as your container and cut a piece of wet floral foam (that has been previously soaked) to fit inside. Fill it with your choice of lilies, roses or other favorite flowers for your table or for gift giving.  Hostess gifts that come in a container are always appreciated over cut flowers. In this way you have eliminated the need for the host to cut and place the flowers in a vase.