Crib to College

Published July 19, 2012

Planning ahead can really pay off. But how do you put together a child’s room that will maintain staying power? Most experts will agree that the trick is to initially install the basic building blocks of a room that will easily adapt to various stages of the child’s life.

Growing up doesn’t necessarily mean letting go of the sweet world of childhood. The room simply must adapt to the changing needs of the teenager and eventually the college student.

In this case, Katarina, a North Shore teenager was looking for a serene space that exuded rich colours and soft textures in a contemporary manner. Every room design has a starting point and in this teenager space; there was no doubt that the theme had to be a combination of serenity and sophistication.

After several meetings with Jennifer Heffel and her design team at HB Design in West Vancouver, Katarina and the designers were able to assemble a simple and effective decorative look for the room. It truly was an exercise in creativity utilizing classic elements, natural materials and an evocative selection of fabrics, colours and textures.

One of the more important elements in the room is the built in cabinet. Custom made by Tamaren Enterprises, the cabinets are smart and cozy and maximize the floor space while adding loads of storage.

The room was enveloped in Benjamin Moore’s Spring Violet with the ceiling highlighted in Ralph Lauren’s Regent Metallics in Marquis Grey.

A custom headboard was added and upholstered in soft, grey floral fabric while custom bedding was added to finish off the look.

A mirrored side table from Da Vinci in West Vancouver sits comfortably beside the bed giving the room a contemporary accessory along with a basket of oversized flowers. To illuminate the room during the evenings light fixtures were purchased from the Lighting Warehouse in Richmond.

Other contemporary accessories such as the three 5-point stars on the wall and a silver scooter add a much-appreciated injection of funkiness to the space.

Overall, the collaborative effort of Katarina and the design team paid off in spades. The end result was a contemporary space that is comfortable, calm and relaxing for a growing teenager. Contemporary accessories give the room a modern twist but the general feeling is one of sophistication coupled with simplicity.