Cylinder Flowers with Artificial Blooms

Published July 19, 2012

Bring the feeling of spring into your home a little early this season with this simple and cute idea.

Spring doesn’t officially arrive until March 21st but we can always cheat a little bit to lift our spirits during this wet and grey time of year.

Clear, glass vases are wonderful for displaying all sorts of flower arrangements. Choose the tallest ones you have for this idea and mix 2 or 3 other shorter ones for a varied effect.

The premise behind this idea is to create a faux, floral arrangement with artificial blooms. This is a great centerpiece idea if you are in a pinch for time.



  • Assortment of spring, artificial flowers (available at Michaels)
  • Clear, tall vases
  • Sharp scissors or wire cutters


Choose spring flowers such as cherry blossoms and tulips in the same colour tone if possible. This makes for a nicer display.

Measure the length of the faux flowers to ensure the blooms can be slightly bent and placed inside a full container of water. You would like the blossoms to be fully immersed for this arrangement.

Cut the ends off the artificial stems of the flowers and place inside the vases. Fill each vase with cold, clear water and arrange the containers in a grouping together.

If you are planning to place this arrangement in the center of your dining table then choose clear vases that are tall enough for the flowers to be immersed but low enough to see your guests over the table.

Scatter small votive candles around the vases to give a soft glow to the flowers.