Decorating With White

Published July 19, 2012

It sounds boring and bland but really it’s not. Decorating with white is wonderful for both cottage/traditional and contemporary interiors. Believe it or not white is one of the most versatile colours to decorate with if executed with care and great attention to detail. Most decorators will agree that the secret to decorating with white lies in using several shades of complementary white on floors, furniture and walls. Texture is important when decorating with soft fabrics, furniture and art. Avoid a sterile interior by utilizing various shades of white in everything from trim colours, windowsills and moldings.

There are many ways to use white when decorating your home. For contemporary interiors all white works well when warm white colours are chosen. Glossy whites are wonderful for floors and wood furniture to give the room a clean, crisp look. Metallic finishes on tables; mirrors and lamps are fantastic for modern interiors. Accent your couches with shag pillows and ultra-pale coloured cushions to add texture to the room.

White is also a favorite for summer cottages. There are all kinds of subtle white shades of paint on the market today. Yellow white, beige white and gray white are just a few examples. Combine the various shades of white in the cottage interior and you will automatically add texture to the room. Painting your windows in a bright, white gloss will allow them to stand out from the walls and window treatments are often not necessary. Decorate your white cottage bedroom with a white carpet on the floor, white windows and walls and use a slightly different shade of white on the bed headboard and posts. Add texture to the room with fur-covered cushions and perhaps a simple floral painting over the dresser. The key lies in transforming the room into different elements of white that are noticed separately and not blended together as one.

White can also be combined with colour and pattern. Many rooms today are decorated with white and black, white and blue and white and lime green. Just keep in mind that the goal is to create a white room with only slight, subtle accents of colour. Paint the walls white and add accents of colour in your accessories such as cushions, vases, lamps and artwork. Injecting colour into the room will liven up the space and keep the room looking fresh.

A popular look right now is to combine white with neutral shades of beige, cream and dark stained floors. This decorating theme is a little more practical for kids and pets and will allow the room to have a contemporary appearance but still take the wear and tear a little more easily.

Finally, if you are planning to decorate in white be sure to have your furniture treated with a good quality fabric protector. This is money well spent in the end.