Desk Organizer: Artist Canvas as Organizer Board

Published July 19, 2012

I always find the best way to start the school year is to stay as organized as possible. Being organized helps alleviate stress associated with the hectic school pace and helps you ease into the re-entry process after the summer holidays.

You have probably seen many different versions of these desk organizers at department stores but you can easily make one of your own with a simple artist canvas. All you require is a plain, white artist canvas of any size to fit over your desk. These are widely available at Michael’s and other artist supply shops. You will also need to purchase some ¼” ribbon and a package of flat, thumbtacks.

Measure 4-5 pieces of ribbon to expand across the width of the canvas leaving 1 inch on either end. Attach your first piece of ribbon approximately 3 ” from the top of the canvas and secure with the thumbtack at the back of the frame on either side. Be sure to pull the ribbon quite taut.  Continue to do this at 3 -4 ” intervals until all the ribbon pieces are used.

The canvas is now ready to be filled with stationery. If you prefer a criss-cross pattern then you will need to cut 3-4 more pieces of ribbon measured lengthwise from top to bottom of the canvas. Attach each piece at 3 ” intervals vertically so that a box pattern appears. Insert your messages, photos and other notepaper as needed.

When you are out in your travels you may come across a blank board with a nice, decorative frame already built in. These can be purchased at IKEA and Homesense. To build your own custom desk organizer, simply remove the frame from the pre-purchased board and follow the above directions with the ribbon. Either style is pretty depending on whether you like the plain look for a modern décor or a framed version for a traditionally decorated home.

Hang your desk organizer over your office desk or use it in the kitchen for the family to add their messages and notes as well.