Efficient Space

Published July 19, 2012

I’m not surprised at how many new retail storage stores have opened. It seems we are always trying to find places to store things in a proper fashion. Large plastic tubs and baskets are wonderful for keeping things air tight and clean but sometimes they may not be the most attractive choice.

If you are planning a small renovation or perhaps building a new home, you may want to consider assigning a spot in your laundry/mud room for storage baskets. These baskets are fantastic for kid’s gloves, toques, and soccer cleats. They are also handy for dog leashes and other sport paraphernalia that you require on a frequent basis. If you use a labeler you can label each basket according to its contents.

Other great storage ideas include taking advantage of bench seating and other unused areas of the home. If you have a bay window with a bench seat this is a great spot to have a folding lid or pull out drawers to hide cushions, tablecloths and napkins. Every inch of your home should be used and not wasted on decoration. There is a great book on the market called “The Not So Big House” by Susan Susanko. Ms. Susanko is a very well know architect in the United States who has gained popularity with her “less is more” approach to design. In this day and age do we really need large homes? Or are we better off with well-designed layouts and square footage that really makes sense for the way we live?

I have always been a fan of Ms. Susanko’s approach to architecture.  Her build “better” not “bigger” approach to residential design is one that many should embrace. We are all attempting to be more “green” these days and very conscious of how our actions affect our environment. Susanko believes sustainability of our planet is possible by understanding how we inhabit our lives. This philosophy is gaining popularity throughout North America and for good reason.

Her latest book, “Not So Big Remodeling: Tailoring Your Home for the Way You Live” is her latest installment in her series that teaches the homeowner how to remodel their existing home for functionality.

If you are in the remodeling mode, you may want to check out her website: www.notsobighouse.com for her list of books that really could change the way you think about house design and remodeling for efficiency and aesthetic.