Floating Floral: Fresh Hydrangea with Floating Candles

Published July 19, 2012

Floating FloralCreating a beautiful table centerpiece doesn’t have to be time-consuming or arduous. If you keep the basic items on hand you can assemble something in minutes.

At this time of year you may have one or two hydrangea bushes blooming in your garden. To make a simple centerpiece, snip a few hydrangea heads in varying sizes and float them in some fresh water until you are ready to make the arrangement. 

 Alternatively you may use other flowers for this idea such as roses or orchids.





3-4 fresh hydrangeas
  • Clear vases (in varying sizes)
Sharp knife or pruning shears
Floating candles


Clean your hydrangea heads of any dirt or debris and fill your clear vases half way with room temperature water. 

Immerse the hydrangea heads into the water and fill the container until the water level is 1 inch from the edge of the vase.

Place your floating candles on top.

Repeat this step with the other vases.

Assemble your containers in the center of the table or scattered along in a vertical line. 

This idea works well with rose petals as well. Float a variety of discarded rose petals in clear cylinders and place a floating candle on top.