Flower Pounding

Published July 19, 2012

Now that spring is fast approaching the flowers are starting to bloom and the nurseries are busy stocking their shelves with spring plants for our gardens and pots. It’s always nice to put away the winter clothes and begin to embrace the warmer weather by starting to think of ways to add spring into our homes. One way is to take a little time and make some home-made cards for thank-you notes, anniversaries and birthdays.

Flower pounding is not a new craft but is slowly re-emerging as a beautiful way to preserve flowers on a permanent basis. Choose single, flat blooms that are easy to hammer and not the more complicated, layered versions such as chrysanthemums, roses and tulips. Popular choices include pansies, primulas and simple daisies.



  • Small hammer
  • Single layered flower heads
  •  Blank Greeting cards (or fabric suitable for dyeing purposes)
  • Masking tape
  • Wax paper


This idea can also be applied to fabric for napkins, tea towels and other gift ideas. It’s important to purchase fabric that will absorb the dye from the flower. Ask at your local fabric supplier and/or craft outlet and be sure to follow laundry instructions carefully.

Begin by cleaning your flower head of any dirt and debris. Let dry.

Once the flower is dry place it face down on the good side of a blank greeting card. Carefully place masking tape over the entire surface of the flower making sure you cover the whole thing. With your hammer, gently tap the whole flower head onto the card. Be sure not to hammer too hard or the dye from the flower head will spray to make rough edges. Let dry for 1-2 hours and then carefully remove the masking tape. The flower head should peel off easily and the card will be a little moist. Remove any remaining flower debris and let the card dry. Repeat with other flower heads until a desired look is achieved.

Try this idea with miniature pansy heads for table setting cards as well. Choose colour-coordinated flowers with your table setting and add complimentary candles. Use the fresh version of the pounded flower for a table centerpiece and add matching napkins.

*Decorator Tip:  This idea is also wonderful for an outdoor table setting. Choose a dye able fabric tablecloth and use the flower pounding process to create a spring table setting that will dazzle your guests.