Illuminating Memories: Photo Lampshade

Published July 19, 2012

A beautiful way to preserve a travel memory

This is an idea that a friend of mine had done and thought it was worth sharing. How many times have you returned from a holiday or party with some great photographs and placed them in an album and filed it away? We enjoy them for such a brief period of time that it seems a shame for them to be forgotten. If you have run out of wall space or your coffee table is too crowded for more photographs try this idea instead. A simple, store-bought lampshade is transformed into a piece of art in minutes with a simple enlarged photograph and a glue gun.



  • 1 Lampshade with four flat sides (preferably)
  • Glue and Glue Gun
  • Sharp scissors


The premise behind this idea is that you are clearly able to see the photograph on all sides of the lampshade. With that said, it’s best to have a lampshade that is flat on all sides. However, a round or sphere shape will work as well. Be sure to test the photograph first to ensure you are happy with the appearance.

Take your photograph to a photocopy store that can enlarge the photo to the desired size. Have 4 copies made.

Carefully measure out the photo on the lampshade so that all four sides fit correctly. Cut out the photo to the exact size.

Using your glue gun attach the photograph to the shade on each side making sure the seams meet nicely on each edge.

Plug in the lamp and see the photo lit from the inside.

There are other ideas that you can do to dress up an ordinary lamp. Many lampshades can be painted in any colour to match a room. This is often less costly than purchasing a new lamp and you are able to choose an exact match for your decor.

On a safety note, be sure the light bulb is at least 1 inch away from the shade at all times.