January Candles: Fresh Amaryllis in Birch Bark

Published July 19, 2012

It seems a shame that we have to take down all the holiday decorations after we ring in the New Year. We take the time to decorate our homes for the season and it can feel so empty and cold when the tree and lights are put away.

This year why not extend the holiday feeling by modifying the d├ęcor slightly. Birch bark is beautiful when brought inside the home. You may be able to find pieces sold in floral stores and nurseries at this time of year.



  • 2 clear, tall cylinders (approximately 8″ and 10″ high)
  • Birch bark pieces
  • Evergreen boughs or artificial holiday greens
  • Pinecones
  • Fresh amaryllis or white lilies


Create a pretty table centerpiece or corner arrangement using simple greens and pinecones. Fresh lilies are always available but if you can find some lovely white amaryllis at this time of year they are fabulous for this idea.

Start by wrapping your vases with the birch bark pieces. The pieces should easily wrap around the cylinders without any tape or wire. Otherwise you can use some thin floral wire to secure the wood.

Fill the vases with room temperature water. Place your evergreens in the vases first. Followed by the fresh lilies. Remove any lower leaves from the stems of the lily and make a fresh cut on the end of the stem with a sharp knife. Place the lilies in water and add a few pinecones to the top of the vase. The pinecones may also be wired into the arrangement.

Place the vases in the center of a coffee table or side table and enjoy for a week or two. The feeling of the holiday season may last a few weeks longer.