Let It Snow: Snow Globe Village

Published July 19, 2012

Look for glass orbs and small vases you can invert for this idea at Michaels Crafts.

Add a dash of winter to your coffee table this holiday season with your own snow globe village. A cozy, little corner is all this cute table display requires and you can feature an assortment of holiday ornaments and figures. I used miniature decorations from Michaels Crafts but you can use ornaments from your tree as well. This display takes only minutes to assemble once you have organized what you would like to use and you are ready to set a wintry landscape in snowy hues.



  • Small pedestals (glass or silver)
  • Clear, small vases
  • Artificial snow
  • Holiday Decorative Figures
  • Miniature Silver Balls


Be sure to measure the height of your small figures to make sure they fit under the inverted glass vase on the pedestal.

Begin by placing your pedestals in a group. I find odd numbers work best. Try groups of 3 or 5.

Sprinkle a little artificial snow on the base of each pedestal and arrange your snowmen, trees and other decorations. Invert the glass vase and place it on top of the figures.

Add a little more snow around the base of all the pedestals.

This table arrangement looks pretty as a table centerpiece on a dining table as well. Create an all white scheme that lends modern elegance to traditional decorations. Add pinecones for texture and small, sparkly items scattered down the center of the table. Miniature tea lights will add a special glow to your evening table.