Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Published July 19, 2012

You see them in elevators, drycleaners, shopping malls and retail stores. Mirrors are making a big-time comeback with decorators. So, why the sudden attention to mirrors? Well, simply put, it’s a known fact that mirrors are very useful decorating tools because they add light and create the illusion of space. Mirrors bounce light in many different directions and give the impression that the room continues on behind the mirror. The illusion a mirror portrays can be a very powerful decorating element especially in spaces that have a fault of some kind.

The trick is to know where to place the mirror to carry the illusion off. Here are some tips to consider when placing mirrors.

There is no better way to add depth, width and length to a room than with a mirror. Try covering a small wall with a large mirror or mirror tiles. You will be surprised at how long the room will appear. Keep in mind that the thicker the mirror the darker the tint will be, as a result the distortion will be greater with a thicker mirror. The mirrored wall will add fluidity to the room by reflecting images and people as they pass by and the room will have an overall greater sense of space.

Looking for a contemporary backsplash idea? Mirrors are wonderful for this. Mirror tiles are available at most hardware stores and are easy to apply. The mirror will pick up under-mounted cabinet light and reflect any counter accessories you may have. This look is especially dramatic when paired with stainless steel appliances. You can opt for the mirror tile look or a custom cut solid piece of mirror that runs the length of the counter. Be sure to use heat-resistant mirror if you plan to place it behind a stove or oven. This look is also effective when used in deep bookcases. The shelves will appear to have a sense of depth.

Mirrors are wonderful for covering up any imperfections you may have on your walls. Often when appliances and furniture are moved, they leave a large mark or indentation on the wall. Instead of re-dry walling and painting, try a mirror instead. Choose an oversized mirror with an antique frame or a streamlined, modern style to complement your minimalist-style home. Oversized mirrors can be dramatic decorating tools in small apartments. These mirrors are often used as pieces of furniture when leaned up against a wall behind a table or piano. They will not only add a sense of airiness to the room but will add drama as well.

Cluster mirrors together on a wall as a series of art. Look for mirrors that are pre-framed and come in different shapes and sizes. This look is elegant and simple and works on most small walls.

Speaking of elegance, try using mirrors as placemats and table runners for your next dinner party. This is a well-used decorating trick to make a dinner table sparkle. The mirrors will reflect the candlelight and the overhead chandelier for a very sparkly dinner party.