Mother's Day Arrangement: Star Fruit with Tulips

Published July 19, 2012

This is a very special day for the Mother’s in our lives. Whether it’s for your own Mom or perhaps your Mother-In-Law, a nice idea is to host a dinner in her honor. A fresh flower arrangement is always a pretty idea to show off your table. This year, try something different with fruit and flowers. The star fruit, or “carambola” is a tropical fruit originally from Sri Lanka and cultivated in Southeast Asia. If you cut the fruit across the middle, you will see a five-pointed star shape and understand why it received its name. The flavor of the fruit is one of a mixture of lemon, pineapple and plum and it is an excellent source of Vitamin C. Look for ones that are shiny skinned and firm. These will be the best for cutting in this arrangement.

Of course, you will not be eating these star fruit in this project but it wouldn’t hurt to pick up a few extra ones for eating later.



  • 2-3 ripe, even-skinned coloured star fruit
  • 1 large, clear flower vase
  • Yellow tulips or other yellow flower to complement the fruit
  • Sharp knife
  • Floral preservative


If you plan on using tulips, remember to NOT use floral preservative. Bulb flowers do not like the preservative in the water.

Begin by cleaning out your vase of any leftover residue from past flower arrangements. The best way to do this is to use a natural soap and water solution and some water. Rinse thoroughly.

Fill your vase with clean, room temperature water. (Add your floral preservative now if you are using a different variety of flowers)

Cut your star fruits across the middle in 1/4-inch slices and place them in the vase. With your sharp knife, carefully cut each flower stem on a sharp angle and arrange the flowers inside the vase making sure to not block the view of the star fruit as much as possible.

Place arrangement in the middle of the table and set with complementary napkins and candles.