Miniature Mother's Day Flower Pots and other Mother's Day Ideas

Published July 19, 2012

This year treat your mother to an intimate lunch gathering in her honor. A small get together with the family or perhaps a few of her close friends would surely put a smile on her face. When a few decorative touches are added she will always remember the effort and planning you put into her special day.

Set the table with cute, miniature flowerpots. Each pot will hold a place setting tag for attending guests.

Small terra cotta pots are wonderful for this idea and may be found in craft stores such as Michaels and other floral supply stores. You may also find them at your local dollar store.

Fill these pots with a little potting soil and cut a few pieces from a kalanchoe plant or other miniature flowering plant from your local grocer or florist shop.  Insert the floral pieces into the pot and give the cuttings a dose of fresh water.  Add a place setting card at the top. This is a really nice way to set the table for your guests and takes only minutes to prepare.

Another cute idea for your table is to place a single flower in a folded napkin on each plate. Tulips and daffodils work nicely for this as well as a long stem rose. Place the napkin face down on a flat surface. Fold up the bottom edge half way. Turn the top edge down one-third of the way and flip the napkin over. Fold the two sides inward toward the center and turn over.

Clean your flower of any debris and water. Cut the stem on an angle to approximately six inches in length with a sharp knife. Insert the single flower into the napkin’s fold. Add to each place setting.

For the center of the table make a visit to the dollar store and purchase five or six individual photo holders with the clip. Print some coloured, 5 x7 inch photos of your Mom and cut out. Place the photos into the holders and scatter them down the center of the table.