Mother’s Day Tea: Toothbrush Holder as Floral Container

Published July 19, 2012


If you are looking for a special way to reward your mother this year why not host a small tea in her honor. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to invite a few of her closest friends or family members and let her indulge herself in sandwiches, cupcakes and tea.

A little planning ahead makes the afternoon go as smooth as silk and she will always appreciate your efforts.

Here are a few simple ideas to get you started. First, prepare ahead of time some small tea sandwiches and place in the fridge overnight. Alternatively, grocery stores make lovely tea sandwiches for you if you phone ahead a day or two. Pair the sandwiches with a vegetable platter and some soft cheeses with crackers. Most importantly, do not forget the sweets.

For the table, here’s an idea for a flower arrangement. It’s simple and effective and will not break the bank. An ordinary toothbrush holder serves as a wonderful vessel for flowers. Blooms such as orchids, alstromeria and roses may be inserted inside the small openings to fill the top of the holder. No one but you will know how it was done and it takes only minutes to assemble.

If you plan on using place cards try this idea. Fold  a 3” x 2” piece of card stock paper in half lengthwise. Using a hole punch, make a hole in the top left corner of the card. Write the guest’s name on the paper and insert a small flower in the punched out opening. Place at each place setting.

As a parting gift, I always like to fill a simple tea cup and saucer with small chocolates wrapped in clear cellophane with some pretty ribbon. This is a nice gift for the guest as well as your mother.