Outdoor Party Ideas…Cutlery in Dried Peas

Published July 19, 2012

Organizing an outdoor soiree can be challenging and costly. Next time you plan for an outdoor event, why not use some items from your own pantry and garden? Setting a beautiful table is easy and if you plan ahead most of the work will be done so you can concentrate on the menu for the evening. Here are a few ideas to help you get started.


Pretty Cutlery

Don’t throw away those split peas that are leftover in your pantry. They are perfect for a simple cutlery display on your next buffet table. Assemble 2 to 3 clear, short vases and fill each approximately halfway with the peas. Tie one fork, knife and spoon together with leftover ribbon and place in the vases. Guests can easily help themselves to the cutlery on their way through the buffet. Rice also works well for this idea complemented with ivory napkins and ribbon.


Hosta Ice Bucket

This is a really cute way to present your ice bucket. If you are fortunate enough to have some beautiful hosta leaves in your garden now, simply snip 3 or 4 and lay them aside. Using a little double-sided tape, measure around the circumference of your ice bucket and cut the tape to fit around the outside edge. Remove the backing from the tape and adhere one hosta leaf at a time. Finish by wrapping the leaves with a band of raffia. Fill the bucket with ice.


Wrapping Paper Vase

Do you have some leftover wrapping paper in your cupboard? For a quick and easy flower arrangement simply wrap 2 or 3 small vases in the pretty paper and fill with flowers from your garden. Once the dinner party is over you simply remove the paper from the vases. You may also pick up a few flowers from the grocery store to match whatever paper pattern you may have.


Hurricane Shades

This is one of my favorite ways to illuminate a summer table. These little hurricane shades can be found at most hardware stores. (Jims Hardware in Dundarave). For a quick and easy table arrangement, simply fill ordinary terra cotta pots with sand or small rocks. Place a tea light or small votive candle inside and cover with the hurricane shade. The shade will protect the candle from the wine during the evening. If time permits, you can also paint the terra cotta pot to whatever colour you require.