Pick Your Style: Homemade Toothpicks

Published July 19, 2012

Are you picky about what you like to serve during a cocktail party? Then perhaps the presentation of your h’orderves is just as important to you as well. Normal, everyday toothpicks can be transformed into something fun and funky in just minutes. All you need is a little creativity and imagination to assemble some fun and conversation-drawing beauties.



  • Cocktail serving toothpicks
  • Glue and Glue Gun
  • Assorted decorative items (miniature shells, wire,)


Try to locate the stronger, thicker variety of toothpick over the flat type that most restaurants tend to use. They can be found in the paper plate, napkin section of most grocery stores.  An even better choice for the environment is to choose a re-useable, type of toothpick that can be washed and used again on another occasion.

Heat up your glue gun and carefully attach the decoration to the top of the toothpick and let dry. Place your toothpicks into a pretty container for your guests to choose from.

Another simple serving idea is to use a large, white serving tray and place small white bowls in a scattered fashion filled with garden roses, peonies or other large headed flowers. Intersperse tea lights throughout the flowers and use as a modern centerpiece for your next dinner party.

Colourful, miniature beach buckets make great flower containers. These little buckets can be found at most department stores and dollar outlets. Place your garden flowers in contrasting bucket colours and place three or five down the center of your picnic table for an outdoors soiree.

If your table is small, use the assorted toothpicks you have created and place in a small bowl in the center of your table. Not only can your guests help themselves during the evening but the picks act as a pretty table display as well.