Place Card Settings: Moss Pot, Photo Frames

Published July 19, 2012

Whether you are celebrating a special occasion or perhaps just having a few close acquaintances over for the evening, if you plan ahead you can prepare a few special touches for your dining table.

Creative place settings can really add an element of fun to a dinner party. Most of them may be done ahead of time and do not require a great deal of preparation. The more personalized you make the table the more special it becomes.


Moss Pot

Look for small terra cotta pots in Michaels or your local craft store. These are fantastic when stuffed with artificial moss and topped with a guest’s name. Use real moss if you have it in your garden as it works just as well. Place the small pots at the top of a bright green placemat for added effect.


Photograph Frames

If you have access to a photo of each of your guests you can have some fun with this idea. Purchase small picture frames at Michaels Crafts and place a photo of each guest inside. Put the frame in the middle of the dinner plate with a coloured napkin. Not only do these look pretty they are wonderful conversation pieces around the table.


Fruit Tags

A simple piece of fruit such as a pear or apple makes a wonderful place card setting. Choose clean, unmarked fruit and wash before using. Purchase 1 or 2 pieces of green construction paper at Michaels Crafts. For each piece of fruit cut a leaf-shape (1/2  inch x ½ inch) out of the paper. Write the guest’s name on the leaf and fasten to the stem of the apple or pear with a small piece of tape.


Baby Photos

If you are looking to add a bit of enjoyment to your evening here’s an idea that is sure to be a hit. Collect a baby photo of each of your guest’s ahead of time. Once you have them all together place them in miniature frames and place randomly on your table. Let your friends try to figure out who is who on the table.