Practical Ideas: Pen Storage in Glass Beads, Magnetic Pin Dish

Published July 19, 2012

I’m always in favor of making everyday life easier in some way. Even if it involves small tasks that just help get the day going. Sometimes we notice little ideas on store shelves or in our friend’s homes. They can be anything from decorating ideas to simple, storage solutions that help keep our homes organized and tidy. Over the years I have collected some of these great ideas and perhaps you may find them handy as well.


Pen Storage

How many pens are haphazardly lying around your home? If your house is like mine there have probably been instances where you have found yourself  scrambling around for a pen when you were in a hurry. Here’s an idea to keep your pens organized and accessible when the time comes. Glass beads can be purchased at many florist shops and floral departments of large stores. Simply empty a bag of these beads in a small, shallow bowl and stick your pencils and pens inside. The beads will hold quite a few of your pens and will keep them organized for you.


Magnetic Pin Dish

If you don’t keep a sewing kit handy all the time, here’s a solution for locating a pen quickly and without pricking yourself. Small, miniature magnets are found at dollar stores and hardware outlets. Simply glue the magnet to the bottom of a saucer using your glue gun and let dry. Once the magnet is set, place your straight pins inside the saucer. The magnet will hold all the pins together for the next time you require them.


Lime Squeeze

Most of my citrus juicers tend to clog up with the seeds and not allow the juice to escape. Here’s a great solution to this problem. Cut a small piece of cheesecloth (single thickness) to fit around the cut end of the lime or lemon. Tie the end off with a piece of kitchen string. Squeeze the juice through the cheesecloth and the juice will seep through. The seeds will remain inside the lime.


Key Storage

Another great idea for organizing your keys is to use an inexpensive cork board that maybe purchased at hardware and craft stores. In addition to the corkboard you will need to purchase some small, plastic covered (optional) screw-in hooks. To make the board, simply screw in the hooks in rows along the face of the corkboard. Attach the board to the inside of a nearby cupboard by your exterior door (out of sight) and hang your keys inside.