Pretty Painted Spring Pots: Hostess Gift Seed Packets

Published July 19, 2012

March is the perfect time to give seedlings as a gift. Seedling packets vary from type to type but generally its best to start planting some seeds 6-8 weeks before they are placed in the ground after our frost-free date.

Here in Vancouver, our frost-free date varies with our weather but seedlings make a wonderful hostess gift or Birthday gift for an avid gardener during the month of March.

This year you can give the gift of seedlings in a pretty hand-painted pot complete with the seedling packet and enclosure card. The recipient can place the small pot on their window sill until the time comes to plant them in the garden.



  • Seedling packets
  • Small Terra Cotta Pot with water tray
  • Acrylic Paint (available at most craft stores)
  • Paint brush
  • Raffia or Ribbon
  • Enclosure card
  • Newspaper


Lay out your newspaper for painting. Clean your terra cotta pot of any dirt or residue. Before you begin to paint the pot you may want to plan out a design ahead of time. This is always the best way in order to avoid any mistakes when you pain the final coat.  For this project, you can paint the entire surface of the pot or perhaps a small floral design instead.

Once the pot is painted let it dry for a couple of hours.

Place the seed packet inside the pot and place the water tray as a lid upside down. Secure the lid to the pot with the raffia or some pretty ribbon. Tie with an enclosure card.