Recycle and Re-Use: Cupcake Box

Published July 19, 2012

There are always new uses for old things. Sometimes you just have to use your imagination and reinvent an object for another purpose. In this age of re-use and recycle it’s great to find alternative uses for everyday household items.

If you follow the three basic R’s (reuse, recycle and reduce) over time fewer natural resources will be spent and you will discover new uses for your old things

Next time you receive a gift box keep it in the cupboard for transporting cupcakes to a party. Simply use the bottom and top of the box as a serving tray and method of transporting them in the car. With a box cutter make an X into the bottom and top of the box and insert the cupcake. A regular shirt box will hold about 8-10 cupcakes.

Remember to bring home those little shower caps from your next trip. They double nicely as shoe protectors when you pack your suitcase. The plastic elastic caps wrap around the soiled runners or shoes to protect the other items in your suitcase.

Adhesive tape works wonders for arranging floral arrangements. Simply crisscross strips across the top of the vase and insert the flower stems. The tape is also great for removing lint off clothes in a pinch.

Place an opened box of baking soda in your linen closet next time you do your laundry and your towels and sheets will stay fresh longer.

Did you know that rubber door stops work beautifully as computer risers? The rubber stops elevate the computer and allow air to circulate around the laptop while in use so as to avoid overheating.

Lastly, use your old mesh lingerie bags for storage in your closet. Simply place belts, pins and other small clothing items in the bag and hang beside your garments.