Recycle, Reuse and Go Green! Laundry Detergent Bottle

Published July 19, 2012

Before you toss that empty plastic laundry detergent bottle into the trash why not at least recycle it or perhaps turn it into something useful around the house. You would be surprised how many household items have dual purposes when you set your imagination into action.

If you have an empty liquid laundry detergent container you can easily transform it into a pet scoop for your favorite pet. The kids will love this idea and it only takes a few craft items to pull it together.



  • 1 plastic natural laundry detergent bottle with handle
  • An assortment of small acrylic paints (available at Michaels)
  • 1 -1 inch paintbrush
  • 1 miniature paintbrush
  • Adhesive flowers (available at Michaels)
  • Permanent Marker
  • Sharp Scissors


Once you have set up a clean work surface for painting thoroughly clean out the inside of the Natural laundry detergent bottle making sure there are no traces of laundry soap remaining.

Trace out an opening on the bottle in the shape of an oval just above the handle of the bottle. With your scissors cut away the opening and remove.

Paint the outside of the bottle with a bright, colourful shade of paint and let dry overnight. Repeat this step the next day.

Once the paint is dry, decorate the bottle in any fashion you please. Try writing your pet’s name and paw prints to add some fun to the scoop.

Keep the pet scoop handy with your container of pet food and draw a line with the permanent marker on the inside to measure off the exact, daily amount of food.