Sunflower Tealight and White Tulip Napkin Idea

Published July 19, 2012

A simple white tulip in a white napkin is beautiful

When it’s time to decorate your table for the spring look no further than your local grocery store for inspiration. At this time of year the floral departments are brimming over with spring flowers.  Primulas, miniature pansies and gorgeous sunflowers are in most grocery stores at the moment and when used on the table they make stunning place settings.

A simple sunflower can be used as a place setting in just minutes. Plan ahead as to how many you will require for each attendee. Using sharp scissors, clip off the long stem attached to the back of the head leaving only enough to place the flower in a short, clear glass. Fold your napkin in half and then again into thirds. Place the flower in the glass on top of the napkin. Cut small petals from yellow card paper and write each attendee’s name on the front. Dab a tiny amount of white glue on the back of each paper petal and insert it into the sunflower.

Kalanchoe is a very under-rated flower in my opinion. It’s probably one of the more lush, longest-lasting houseplants you can display in your home during the rainy months and comes in many pretty colours. I love to cut pieces from a bright, fushsia or yellow kalanchoe and place them in water-filled, minature terra cotta or aluminum pots. Placed at each guest’s chair they are adorable as a place setting.

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the most effective. A white napkin folded into thirds and adorned with a simple, white tulip is a wonderful way to welcome guests to your table. This is a nice idea for a contemporary place setting.

Don’t forget about those lovely daffodils. Nothing says spring like a vibrant, yellow daffodil on your table. If you are in a pinch for time, group 5 or 6 bunches together, cut the stems short and place in fluted vases. Distribute 3-5 vases down the center of your table and scatter yellow napkins and tea lights around the base.

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