Flowers with Fruit

Published July 19, 2012

Bright yellow daffodils and vibrant tulips can be presented in a very simple but effective manner on your table. All you require is some clear vases and fresh fruit. An assortment of clear glass vases is always available at your local dollar store. Look for asymmetrical shapes and sizes to add depth and drama to your table.



  • 6 bunches tulips or daffodils (approximately 30 flower heads)
  • 5 clear glass vases
  • Sharp scissors or floral knife
  • Tea light candles
  • Fresh oranges, lemons or limes
  • Coloured, glass beads (optional)


Clean your glass vases of any dirt or debris. The best combinations for this arrangement are three flower vases to two fruit vases.

Place a hand full of coloured beads at the bottom of three glass vases and fill them with room temperature water.

Remember not to use floral preservative with any bulb flower such as a tulip or daffodil.

Carefully remove your tulips and daffodils from their packaging. Using a sharp knife cut the end of the flower at a sharp angle and place in the vase. Continue with the other flowers until the vase is quite full. Repeat with the remaining two vases.

Fill the other two vases with fruit. The best effect is achieved when the same type of fruit is used in each vase. For example, if you plan to use yellow tulips try using lemons in the alternating vases.  Orange tulips coordinated with large navel oranges is a nice presentation as well.

Place the vases along the center of the table and scatter tea lights around the containers.