Summer Floral

Published July 19, 2012

I love this time of year when you can venture into the garden and cut a few flowers for your table. Roses, peonies and hydrangeas are just a few examples of flowers that are plentiful at the moment and when combined properly in a pretty container the result is a stunning flower display.

A simple arrangement can be made using garden roses and hydrangea. Be sure to clip the hydrangea into small sections so as to avoid large clumps in the container.

Choose a container that will give a little height to the arrangement yet still allow your guests to view each other over the table. A small, glass pedestal works nicely for this arrangement.

Cut a piece of wet floral foam to fit inside your container and soak it for 15-30 minutes until thoroughly saturated. Place the foam inside the container and add just enough water to come up halfway.

Clean your garden flowers of any dirt or debris and begin inserting the larger flowers first. If you plan to use greens in your arrangement then it’s best to insert those first to give the arrangement its shape and texture. Remove any leaves from the stems of the greens and flowers for easy insertion.

Follow the larger flowers with small varieties such as roses and small clips of hydrangea. Be sure to insert the flower stem all the way into the wet floral foam so that it may drink the water properly.

Once you are satisfied with the shape and size of the arrangement give it a little more water.

For added effect place a small, votive candle in the center of the flowers and light just before your guests sit down for the evening.

Remember to add a little more water the next day to allow your flowers to flourish a few days more.