Chinese Food Loot Bags/Gifts for Guests

Published July 19, 2012

Look for Coloured Boxes at Michaels Crafts

Are you hosting a birthday party this summer? Or perhaps you are entertaining the thought of organizing a ladies luncheon to celebrate a special milestone? Whatever the reason for your celebratory event it’s always nice to send the guest away with a small token of the day’s festivities.

A parting gift of chocolates, cookies or a small gift item is a nice treat for your guests to thank them for coming to the event. You don’t have to break the bank to make these gifts memorable; all you need is a little pre-planning and some creative thinking.

Here’s one idea that can be done a few days ahead and put aside until the day of the event.

Next time you find yourself in your local craft store such as Michaels, pick up some of their colourful Chinese food take-out boxes. These little boxes come in a variety of sizes and colours and they make fantastic gift boxes that require very little wrap.

Decide upon colours that match the theme of your event and be sure to choose a size large enough to fit what you would like to put inside.

Select a coordinating ribbon to match your boxes and a few packages of self-adhesive stickers to place on the outside of the box. In addition you will require a couple of packages of coloured tissue paper.

For the inside of the container, think about  small items such as personalized cookies, chocolates or an item that corresponds to the theme’s event. Examples would be seed packets (for a garden themed party) or perhaps bath salts and soaps for a ladies’ luncheon.

Cut a piece of coloured tissue paper large enough to fit inside the box with 2 inches overlapping each side. Place your items inside.

Fold over the top edges of the box and cut a piece of ribbon to wrap around the outside of the container. Cut with scissors and use a small piece of tape to fasten.

Apply the small, self-adhesive stickers to the front of the box and attach a small nametag if desired.

These finished boxes can be stored away until the day of the party. Display them on a pedestal by the front door for guest’s to take on their way out the door.