Table Toppers: Dixie Cup Party Hats

Published July 19, 2012

What child doesn’t love a party? Birthday parties are like road trips. Half the fun is getting there. So why not involve your child in the planning and organizing process? Even a simple party requires some planning and it’s always a good idea to start early so as to avoid last minute details.

Have your child pick a theme and a list of ideas for place cards, decorations, cake and other party details. By involving him or her from the get go they will feel an enormous sense of reward at the end of their special day.

A good place to start is with the guest list. Choosing a manageable number is always a nice idea. Not only will it keep the costs down but also smaller numbers allow for more control during the event.

The table is a focal point for the party. Make sure the table fits the theme. Everything from the place cards to the loot bags should be in line with the festive theme that was chosen.

A circus theme is a fun and simple way to go for a young child’s party. For the invitation, blow up a coloured balloon and write the party details on the balloon but do not tie. Deflate the balloon so when the guest receives it in an envelope they must blow it up to read the party details.

Plain Dixie cups may be transformed into the cutest place card hat for the table. To assemble you will need White Dixie cups, colured miniature pom poms and craft glue. Invert the Dixie Cup and either write the child’s name on one side or use self-adhesive letters to spell out the name. Once the name is in place simply glue the pom poms to the inverted cup. This is a great craft for a child to do.

Don’t forget the loot bags. For a circus theme, purchase  inexpensive, coloured bags from the dollar store and fill them with theme-related items for the kids. Fold over the top of the bag and hole punch 2 holes through the top. Insert a coordinated piece of ribbon through the holes and attach a miniature, plastic circus animal such as an elephant or tiger to the ribbon. To finish off the bag, attach a colour-coordinated balloon with the child’s name written on top.

This is just one idea for young child’s Birthday party. If you are looking for more inspiration pick up kid’s craft magazine next time you are in the grocery line up or surf the web for more great ideas.