Thinking Outside the Vase: Limelight Floral Arrangements

Published July 19, 2012

Adding a little drama to your outdoor table can be easy and very impressive if you can take a little time to plan ahead. Having a few key items on hand can be helpful as well. Floral wire and simple clear vases may be used in many ways to achieve dramatic results.

Kyla Reveley, of Limelight Floral Design Inc. has a few tips and ideas for your next dinner party. Elegant orchids and calla lilies not only look gorgeous but also will last a long time out of water.

Reveley recommends thinking “outside the vase” when it comes to floral arranging for your next dinner party. Instead of placing cut flowers in a water pitcher, why not utilize votive candles, rocks, wire and other materials to enhance the appearance of the flowers and add a sparkle to the table at the same time?

If you are unable to find a calla lily or orchid and have your heart set on sensitive flowers then ask your local florist for small water tubes and fill them to the top with fresh water. Camouflage the tubes with moss or leaves.

For a simple and spectacular floral arrangement wrap coloured  floral wire around three clear vases and attach single stem Mokara orchids to the wire in random places. To keep the orchids fresh, place a little wet floral foam of the end of the short stem and then wrap reindeer moss around the foam. Secure the orchid with thin, floral wire.  Fill the vases with popcorn kernels and add a votive candle. This arrangement will last through the evening and into the next day at least.

Another alternative is to place three, clear vases down the center of the table. Fill the bottom section with white rocks or sand and place a white votive inside the vase. Wrap miniature calla lilies around the vases and secure with green, thin floral wire. Scatter decorative elements such as sand dollars among the vases.

If colour is what you are after then try this great, little idea. Place a votive candle inside three clear, short vases. Fill with black or grey rocks.  Wrap the bottom section of the vase with fuchsia pink ribbon and secure with pins. Attach Yoko Ono Button Mums to the ribbon with floral pins and light the candle.

If you do not have floral pins or black rocks at home then simply replace with grey or other stones you may have. Large sewing pins work equally as well with this arrangement.

For more great ideas and fabulous floral arrangements contact Kyla Reveley at Limelight Floral Design, Park Royal South,