Throw it on the Barbie: Chinese Food Container for Hostess Gift (baster and towel)

Published July 19, 2012

It’s always a bit sad to see the summer wind down. Families returning from their summer vacations and the kids getting ready to go back to school. One of the nice things about September in Vancouver is that the weather is usually nice for at least another month. If you are an avid barbeque person then this is good news.

Barbeque basters, tongs and other condiments are always good ideas for hostess gifts. This year why not wrap them in style. A simple, coloured Chinese food container (available at Michaels) serves as a wonderful idea for a hostess gift when filled with colourful tea towels, a baster and a tasty barbeque sauce. It’s always nice to toss in one of your favorite barbeque recipes as well. Tie off the box with a pretty ribbon and you have the perfect barbeque hostess gift.

Another simple idea is to assemble a barbeque cleaning kit. Fill an aluminum bucket with an organic barbeque grill spray (available at Whole Foods) a few colourful cloths, a wire brush (for cleaning the grills) and perhaps a cleaner for the outside of the barbeque. This is a great wind up gift for the end of the summer.

Ever thought of bringing one of your favorite barbeque fares to add to the evening’s meal? This is great idea for the host as the menu item is pre-marinated and all that is required is to cook it on the grill. Be sure to include a nice handwritten version of the recipe for the host when you leave.

Don’t forget about the wonderful barbeque accessories that are on the market as gift ideas. Grilling baskets, lighters and decorative matches, barbeque skewers, cutting boards and corn holders are just a few ideas for the host. If you purchase a few items, place them in a nice wicker basket and tie it off with a pretty tea towel. Your host will appreciate the grilling accessories and will be able to re-use the basket another time.