Lootz Designs : Aprons

Published July 19, 2012

If you believe that most aprons are better off left in the kitchen drawer then you haven’t met Gina Cook of Lootz Designs. She will have you believe otherwise with her colourful designs and funky fabrics.

This North Shore resident carries a beautiful yet practical line of stylish aprons for men, women and children. These aprons will help you keep your kitchen clean without harming the environment. The trick behind these chic aprons is once you are finished cooking, crafting or baking, the tea towel panel attached to the aprons can simply be removed and tossed in the laundry.

The inspiration behind the Lootz Apron was the result of Cook’s two worlds colliding: her fashion design background and her life as a new mom. After a number of messy episodes in the kitchen Cook soon realized that while they were creating a lot of memories in the kitchen, they were also creating a burden on the environment by using so many paper towels to clean up spills.

Initially, Cook believed the aprons would appeal mostly to mothers and daughters. However, following some early research she realized the concept had a much broader reach. Men were enquiring as to whether there were versions tailored to them, and many sets were being purchased as grandparent/grandchild combinations for birthday and holiday gifts.

In addition to the aprons being “earth friendly”, they are also 100% Canadian made.

Retailing for $35 for Men and Women and $25 for boys and girls, these aprons make wonderful hostess gifts as well. All aprons come with one tea towel panels and additional panels are available in 3 packs. (Women’s and Men $16 and $15.50 for kids)

On Saturday, July 2nd, you may like to join Cook as she showcases her new women’s collections in her new studio space at 415 East 11th Street, North Vancouver. A great way to spend a casual post-Canada Day afternoon you will get a sneak peak at the latest designs, clothing discounts, raffle prizes and apparel samples.

For more information contact Lootz Designs at  gina@lootzdesigns.com