Wrap It Up

Published July 19, 2012

When you are in a pinch to wrap a quick gift, sometimes the best wrapping ideas are sitting right in your own home. Gift-wrap doesn’t always have to be traditional. There are plenty of creative items sitting in your kitchen, pantry and workshop just waiting to be discovered. All you need is a little imagination and away you go!


Scrapbook Paper

Do you have a kid’s drawer full of construction paper and scrapbook materials? Next time you have a small gift, use these for wrapping. Scrapbook paper is wonderful for wrapping gifts. The sheets are large enough for smaller gifts and you can combine 2 or 3 to wrap a larger box. Use small adhesive stickers to add to the packaging and finish off with a pretty ribbon.


Monogrammed Gifts

Next time you are in your local craft store pick up a few pre-cut, wood letters in the wood section. You may have a few of these from finished craft projects around the home. These are wonderful for painting or leaving in their natural state and tied to a pretty, wrapped gift. Match the letter to the recipient’s first name.


Chalkboard Paint

I love this product. This is one of the most versatile things in the home. Use it to paint on small, wood tags or miniature frames. When the paint has completely dried simply write the recipient’s name on the tag. This paint is also wonderful for painting on the inside of a kitchen cupboard as a memo board for the family. Find it at your local paint store or craft outlet.


Buckets, Boxes, Crates

There are so many creative ways to wrap a gift awaiting your discovery in your kitchen cupboards. Cookie tins are wonderful when finished off in a complementary ribbon. Buckets can be filled with household cleaners and cloths as a “new homeowner” gift. Use small Tupperware containers for homemade cookies as a hostess gift. Finish off with some raffia tied with the recipe for the cookies.

Sometimes it’s necessary to think outside the box when it comes to wrapping a gift. The fun is in how creative you can be to surprise and amaze your gift recipient.