Guest Baskets

Published July 20, 2012

Are you expecting guests this spring or summer?

When you arrive to a foreign city, it’s always nice to have some ‘welcoming” items awaiting you.

Aside from the fresh towels, sheets and bouquet of flowers, a unique gift basket always adds a special touch to the guest room. These contemporary baskets can be custom made to satisfy even the most discriminating tastes!

When my guests arrive, I always like to leave something in the room that is very “Vancouver” oriented. A map of the city for example is always a well-appreciated gift.

Your basket can range from simple, budget-minded gifts to exquisite and luscious items that are made right here in Vancouver.



  • Wood or chrome contemporary basket
  • Black Sinamay ribbon (available at Michaels and other craft suppliers)
  • Disposable camera
  • “Lush” bath products (available on Robson Street)
  • “Whistler” water (available at grocery stores in Vancouver)
  •  750ml of B.C. Wine
  • Leslie Stowe’s Raincoast Crisp crackers (available at Save-On Foods)
  • Locally made jams, jellies
  • Map of Vancouver (available at BCAA)
  • Cellophane
  • Ribbon and other decorative materials


To get started, fill the bottom of the basket with stuffing. For added volume, try placing crumpled newspaper under the stuffing to give it a little more height.

Fill the basket with the larger items at the back. Remember to take off all price tags before placing them in the basket. Turn all the items so the most attractive side faces forward.

After you have arranged all the items, wrap the entire basket with the cellophane and tie off with the ribbon.

I’ve always felt that the presentation of the basket is very important. For a contemporary look, try pairing black sinamay ribbon with lime green accents such as miniature pears or flowers. For a contemporary look, simple is best. Black, lime green and chrome work very nicely together.

Gift baskets don’t have to break the bank. Substitute chocolates for nuts and the wine for a nice olive oil and you’ve got a lovely basket for under $50.Remember, it’s your creativity and imagination that will produce an impressive gift basket.