Holiday Gift Wrap Ideas:Chinese Food Boxes

Published July 20, 2012

It’s hard to believe that the Holiday Season is soon upon us. If you are starting to plan a few gift ideas for family and friends you may want to wrap them up in a special way.

Chinese food take-out boxes are available in craft stores this season and make a wonderful and unique gift box ideas.

They come in assorted colours and patterns and can be dressed up in many ways. Wrap the gift ahead of time with coordinating tissue paper and place inside the box. Then you are ready to decorate.

Dress the boxes up in organza ribbons or tulle. Embellish the box with personalized adornments like charms and other small decorations.

These boxes also make beautiful table votive lights. Simply pencil a pattern of dots on two sides of the carton. Keeping the design simple is always best. Using an awl or other sharp object, punch the dots through the container. To light, place a tea light inside a small, glass candleholder and put inside the box.

Another holiday gift-wrap idea is to wrap a present in left over, vintage wallpaper and finish off with buckles and medallions. Toile wallpaper works beautifully for this idea. Wrap the box in the wallpaper first then tie off with a velvet or satin coordinating ribbon. Attach the buckle to the center of the bow.

Often the simplest containers can make unexpectedly sophisticated wraps. Create a natural look with corrugated cardboard boxes of varying shapes and sizes. These boxes are available at all craft stores and can be embellished with stamps, paint and beads. Try sewing a pattern of snowflakes using white string on a brown, plain box. The effect is dramatic.

Sometimes the best ideas for gift-wrap are right in your home. Don’t be afraid to re-use pretty gift boxes and add your own special touch. Wrap the lids of boxes in a different paper than the body of the box. Remember, the key to a well-wrapped gift is to think outside the box!


*Did you know?

In China it is a traditional to bring a gift to someone’s home, usually in the form of fresh fruit or flowers. The number eight is very lucky so it’s best to bring eight of something. Eight apples or oranges are always a welcome idea.