Cost-Friendly Kitchen Updates

Published July 20, 2012

Let’s face it; the kitchen is probably one of the liveliest rooms in the home. The comings and goings of this area are constant on a daily basis and so the wear and tear can happen quite quickly. If you are contemplating whether a renovation or fix up of some kind is in order, perhaps you may want to re-think the idea and just give the room a quick design tweak. Small, creative changes can make a big impact if done right and can really add some interesting details to keep your kitchen looking new and updated.

Try some of the following suggestions to keep your kitchen stylish and in tune with the latest contemporary trends.


Clutter Be Gone

One of the best ways to keep organized and efficient in the kitchen is to keep clutter at bay. Modern, contemporary kitchens are very clean and clutter-free. You can achieve this look with traditional kitchens by keeping your counters clear of any appliances and other paraphernalia that could otherwise be stored away in cabinetry. Organize your plates and glasses behind cabinetry rather than on your countertops and store your cookbooks on a nearby shelf for easy accessibility. Oils, vinegars, salts, etc. can all be placed behind cabinet doors as well as any other condiments that do not have to be taking up space on your countertop.


Creative Containers

If you like to have your cooking utensils close by while you are at the stovetop, use a pretty, contemporary container to store them. Choose wire pedestal vases or perhaps stainless steel containers that will add a decorative flair to your kitchen.


Kitchen Office

Small, designated kitchen office area that houses bills, computers and other paperwork for the household should be kept as clean as possible. One-way to achieve this is to use plain, un-used paint cans on their sides for storage. These cans may be found at local Home Depot stores. Place the cans on their sides and use them for bills, receipts, in-going and out-going mail. Not only are the cans stylish but also they serve as a fantastic organizational tools.



Sometimes it’s the window coverings that really age our kitchen. I’ve always believed that it’s better to have nothing at all on the window than an old and worn looking drapery that really makes the kitchen looked tired. Inexpensive blinds, and other more modern window treatments can really add an update to a kitchen. Replace your dusty curtains with the new, sheer window fabrics on the market today. Pay a visit to your local Linen and Things to see what’s new and contemporary for windows and you will be surprised how it can really add a lift to your kitchen.