Kitchen Must-Haves

Published July 20, 2012


I always like to pass on to my readers the latest, nifty and “must have” gadgets that we all must have in our kitchens.

This year is no exception.

The big news this year is all summed up in one word: silicone. It seems this product is popping up everywhere now and it has found more uses for itself in the kitchen.

The ever-popular silicone muffin liner is still going strong but now we have a wider selection of silicone items to choose from.

This non-stick, heat-resistant substance is now available in spatulas, pastry and basting brushes, whisks and basters with injection tips. All of these items are dishwasher safe, stain resistant and will not burn or melt when coming into contact with direct heat. They are fabulous for enamel-coated pots simply for the reason that they will not scratch or chip the surfaces. These gadgets retail in the range of $3.99-11.99 each. (Basic Stock Cookware Stores)

Silicone Oven Mitts are also new on the market. Heat resistant up to 600F- 31.5C, these oven mitts are dishwasher safe with slip-resistant edges. They are also designed with a symmetrical pattern that works equally well for left or right-handed persons. Retail price $14.99 Basic Stock Cookware.

J.A. Henckel has introduced a new collection of fantastic knives. The TWIN Cuisine special formula stainless steel knife has laser-controlled sharpness and is well balanced with perfect weight distribution. These handles are ergonomically shaped with an anti-slip synthetic for a secure grip.  The SANTOKU knife, “granton” has divets on the face of the blade that allow small air pockets to form for easy, non-stick slicing. These knives are available currently at a promotional price through Basic Stock Cookware stores.

Burnished Bamboo is hot! Bamboo has been traditionally known to be harder than the strongest of woods and is plantation grown as a renewable resource. Available in cutting boards and beautifully crafted sushi boards, the cutting surface is 100% natural and will not dull knives. Serve your cheeses on a beautifully crafted bamboo cheese serving tray or dim sum set that includes steamer, 4 plates and 4 divided sauce dishes.(Available at Basic Stock Cookware)

Ready to get into the kitchen? Check out these are more hot items at your nearest kitchen supply store and get ready to cook!