Light Up The Night

Published July 20, 2012

The evenings are warmer now so it’s time to start thinking about heading outdoors to dine. If you are lucky enough to have a nice yard with a low-lying tree, this lantern idea is ideal for you. Alternatively, these little votives look stunning hanging from outdoor umbrella spokes. Be sure to hang them at varying heights and far enough from the canvas and wood spokes as to avoid any fire risk. The votives are simply small, decorative mason jars that are wired around the edges and hung with chain from the spokes. Place a small votive candle or tea light inside to illuminate your next dinner party.



  • 3-5 decorative mason jars (available by the case at Grocery Outlets)
  • Craft wire (available at Michaels)
  • Wire cutters
  • Small chain (available at local hardware stores such as Rona, Home Depot)
  • S-hooks (hardware stores)
  • Miniature tea lights or votive candles


Remove the mason jars from the box and take out the lid and liner. You will only require the glass jar. Measure out a piece of wire that will wrap around the top, edge (under the grooves) and leave 2-3 cm. extra to wrap and secure the wire. Cut the wire with the cutters and twist the two ends together to tighten the wire around the jar. The grooves will act as a barrier for the wire not to slip up and over the jar when placed for hanging. Be sure leave a little space for the handle to be able to hook under the wire.

Measure and cut another piece of wire that will act as the handle. Using your wire cutters, twist each end of this wire and loop through one side of the jar and then the other.

Measure your links of chain to hang the votives. Alternating lengths is always interesting. Using your s-hooks, hook one end of the chain through one s-hook and the other end through the other. Attach one s-hook through the handle you have made on the jar and hook the other to your umbrella or tree branch. Carefully light your candle and keep a close eye on these throughout the evening.