Making Spirits Bright: Fresh Eucalyptus Wreath

Published July 20, 2012

From Holiday 2004

This year decorate your home for the Holidays with simple ideas and relaxed elegance. Creamy whites and soft, green hues complement each other beautifully and look spectacular in wreaths and table arrangements. There’s no need to spend a fortune on a centerpiece when you are trying to give your Holiday table a festive appearance. Look to your garden and local nursery for inspiration in colour and texture for your table. Local Holiday greens may be found in abundance and are a lot less expensive than you may think.

As an alternative to traditional greenery, try using eucalyptus for your front door wreath. It’s soft and pliable and very easy to work with.  If you are lucky enough to find some fresh, white berries definitely use them in the wreath. Otherwise, faux white berries may be found in craft stores such as Michaels and other department stores and will work just as well.


Materials for Wreath

  • 1- 16″  (or 18″) grapevine wreath (available at Michael’s Crafts)
  • 2 large bunches of fresh Eucalyptus leaves (available at Florists and Nurseries)
  • 1 large bunch of fresh white berries (or 6 stems of faux berries)
  • 3 yards of satin ribbon
  • Pruning shears or sharp scissors
  • Wire (for hanging)


Cut the pieces of Eucalyptus into 18″ sections. Insert the pieces into the wreath in a clockwise direction making sure to cover all sections of the grapevine wreath.

Once the wreath is completely covered, insert the white berries. If you are using faux berries, cut the stems into 4″ sections and push the wire pieces through the eucalyptus and into the grapevine wreath ensuring that they are secure. When you are satisfied with the look of the wreath, attach the satin ribbon by looping it around the top  and tying it with a large bow.  If placed outside, this wreath will last up to 1 month.

The secret to making a centerpiece that’s as good as the pros is to keep it creative but simple. Working with just one or two main elements is one way to achieve this. This year instead of the traditional floral centerpiece why not try making small Holiday trees.

The trees are constructed with dry floral foam and low- lying containers. How they are decorated is up to you. Try to stay true to your personal style and take cues from your everyday decor when you decorate your Holiday table. This way, you will achieve a look that is festive yet fitting to your own home.


Materials for Miniature Holiday Trees

  • 1 large block of dry floral foam (available at Safeway and Michaels)
  • 2 low containers
  • Glue and glue gun
  • Wooden skewers
  •  1 large bunch Fresh boxwood
  • Assorted decorating materials
  • Sharp knife


For two to three miniature trees, one large bunch of boxwood should be sufficient. Clip pieces of boxwood in 2 ” sections cleaning off one end of any leaves.

Cut a piece of floral foam to fit the inside of your container. Glue with glue gun. The floral foam will need to be cut into pieces measuring 3′ wide by 5 ” tall and shaved into a cone with the sharp knife. Place your wooden skewer into the center of the foam that has been glued into the container and cut to a 3″ height. Place the foam cone on top of the wooden skewer and glue the bottom to secure.

Begin inserting the pieces of boxwood around the base of the foam cone and work your way up the cone. Once you have reached the top, place a nice piece of boxwood to finish off the top of the tree.

Decorate your tree with small balls, beads, miniature pears and other items fitting to your decor.

Surround with candles for a soft glow.