Pretty Papers Outside Glass Cylinders

Published July 20, 2012

It’s easy to dress up even the simplest of glass vases. Retail stores are brimming with beautiful, decorative papers in all sorts of patterns. Arriving just in time for seasonal celebrations, these papers can be used in a variety of uses from decorating flower vases to table place settings. Look for bright, vibrant patterned paper with texture and an eye-catching appearance.

For the vases, be sure to use simple flowers and let the paper steal the show. The table setting cards should be made from a heavier card stock while the enclosure cards should complement the gift and not over-shadow it.


Decorative Glass Vases


  • Glass Cylinder Vases (choose vases that are straight and narrow)
  • 8.5″ x 11″ size decorative paper (or scrapbook paper available in large books at Michaels)
  • Clear tape (or double-sided tape)


This idea is actually very simple. Measure the height and diameter of the glass vase and cut the paper to fit. Secure the two ends of the paper with double-side tape (or clear). Fill with water and insert only one or two single flowers for effect. These look wonderful as a centerpiece for a dinner table and once you are finished; you may use the paper again for another purpose. Re-use the vases again with different papers for different occasions.


Place Cards


  • Decorative Paper
  • Small twigs or miniature flowers


For the place cards, cut your paper into 3″ x 3.5″ pieces and fold in half.  Write each dinner guest name on the cards. With a sharp pair of scissors, make a small incision in the top right corner of the place card. Insert a small twig or miniature flower into the pre-cut slit and place before dinner plate.


Enclosure Card

Similar to the place card, cut your paper into 4″ x 5″ pieces. Write your message on the back (non-patterned side) of the card and slip under ribbon or other wrapping on the present.