Quick Entertaining Ideas: Ideas with Pinecones

Published July 20, 2012

It seems every year the preparations for the Holidays arrive earlier and earlier. Outside lights are going up and celebrations are under way. This year get a head start on some entertaining ideas with natural pinecones. You see them everywhere on roads, trails and driveways and all you have to do is gather some on your next walk and allow them to dry.

Welcome guests to the table with pinecones and beautiful satin ribbons. Choose a pinecone that is long and narrow and cut a piece of brown wrapping paper approximately 10″ in length.  Wrap around the pinecone and secure with glue. Write the guest’s name on the paper with a metallic pen and tie off the pinecone with a dark brown ribbon and some white winterberries for contrast. Place on plate.

Another idea is to use the pinecone as a wine saver on a cork. Simply glue an opened, small pinecone to the top of the cork and let dry. Place an assortment of these opened bottles on display after the wine has been consumed.

Display your wine in a bowl filled with ice and sprinkle a few miniature pinecones around the wine. This display is beautiful when surrounded with candles and tall wine glasses.

Pinecones make wonderful additions to gifts. Tie them with wire to bows and ribbons on presents and wine bags. Use medium to small pinecones that are opened and dry.

Other fast and easy entertaining ideas include filling clear, glass vases with coloured baubles. Use an assortment of sizes and stay with one colour for maximum effect. Place the vases on your fireplace mantle or in the center of your dining room table. Randomly place tea-light candles around the vases for added drama.

Fill various size vases with assorted pinecones and place on coffee tables and in your dining area. Complement the pinecones with dark brown candles and small tea lights. Sprinkle a few around the candles.

If you really want to go the extra mile, stagger your dinner plates between layers of miniature pinecones. Place your larger dinner plate on the table first, then place a layer of pinecones followed by the salad plate on top. Finish off with the pinecone nametag.

There are a multitude of uses for our winter pinecones this Holiday season. Just use your imagination and see what you can come up with!


*Did you know?

That over 35 million Christmas trees are produced every year to meet the demands of the Holidays?