Quick Fixes: Yoga Mat Tote

Published July 20, 2012

For some of us, the beginning of the school season is like the official start of the year. A time to clean up, re-paint and generally get organized for the busy year ahead.

Many great ideas are generated through word-of-mouth and over the years it’s a good idea to accumulate them in a book or binder for future reference.

Here are a few of my favorite, passed-on ideas from friends and family that you may find helpful if you’re planning a little re-organization.


Yoga Mat Tote

Perhaps inspired by the “downward dog”, a leash makes a handy yoga mat tote. Purchase a 6-foot leather or nylon leash from your local pet store. Lay out your yoga mat on the floor. Fold your leash in half and lay the hook end across the end of the mat. Roll up the mat over the leash. Slip the hook end through the handle and place the handle over the end of the rolled mat. Now clip the hook around the leash and carry over your shoulder.


Painting Pointers

It’s always a bit tricky to paint the bottom of the chair legs when the chair is upright. Instead of waiting for the chair to dry and having to flip it over, simply attach a small finishing nail in the bottom of each chair leg to elevate it and allow air circulation for faster drying.

Another great idea for painters is to attach a small piece of picture hanging or floral wire across the one-gallon paint can by twisting the ends on each side of the handle. This way the wet brush may be wiped on the wire as opposed to the edge of the can and will alleviate the mess.


Wax Removal

We all appreciate how candlelight gives off a wonderful glow during the evening however, we could do without the mess of the dripping candle on our favorite tablecloth or placemat. An easy way to remove this wax is with some brown paper and a hot iron.

Lay an old towel or sheet under the tablecloth and place the brown paper over the wax stain. Run the hot iron over the brown paper and the wax will be absorbed through the paper.


Towel Rack Pot Lid Holder

This is a good one. Inexpensive Towel racks purchased at local hardware stores make great lid holders. Simply drill holes on the inside of your cupboard door  and attach a standard, simple towel rack that stands out from the cupboard at least 2 inches. Place your lids on the rack. They should hold 2 -3 lids each.