Summer Table Topping Ideas: Using Fruit as A Centerpiece

Published July 20, 2012

Do you always find yourself frantically trying to set up some kind of table before your guests arrive for a barbeque? If so, you’re not alone.

If seems the table is always the last thing we think about when we are preparing for a dinner party.

Here are some quick and easy ideas to make your life easier and dazzle your guests at the same time.



Let’s face it; we’re not all Martha Stewart and can whip up some amazing floral, designer centerpiece in five minutes. You can, however, put something just as pretty together in a pinch with fresh fruit. Lemons and limes make a wonderful centerpiece and it takes only minutes to assemble.

Having some extra lemons and limes on hand is always a good idea during the summer months. Keep a few in your fridge’s cooler for drink garnishes and quick centerpiece ideas.

To make a pedestal fruit centerpiece, simply stack the fruit with the largest at the bottom and make a pyramid with the fruit. Stick in tiny pieces of green leaves for contrast and texture. Scatter tea-light candles around the table.

Flat, round bowls work well for this idea as well.



We all enjoy the summer breeze in the evening; however, it can be annoying when the tablecloth flies up constantly. In order to avoid this, simply sew a small pocket in the 4 corners of your tablecloth on the underside and place a small rock in each corner.


Sunflower Tea light

The sunflower is beautiful at this time of year. Especially when you can use it as a candleholder as well. Carve out a small section of the center of the sunflower head and place a tea light in the middle. Randomly scatter the flower heads along the table and watch them glow!


Those Annoying Wasps

This actually works! Blow up a brown paper lunch bag and tie a piece of kitchen string around the top. Hang the bag from the top of your table’s umbrella and leave it during dinner. The idea behind this is that the wasps are lead to believe that the bag is actually another nest.  Sounds crazy but it works!