Easter Jelly Bean Idea

Published July 20, 2012

This Easter make your centerpiece the center of attention with lots of colour and creativity.

Kids love colour on the table so this year get them involved in the project with one of their favorites:  Jelly Bellies!

There are a myriad of ways to display these colourful little beans. All it takes is a little creativity and your display will dazzle even the toughest of critics.



  • 6 cups of Jelly Bellies (available at Safeway or Save-On Foods)
  • small Styrofoam balls
  • glue gun
  • long, slender display vases or champagne flutes
  • 2 bunches of tulips
  • Egg Colouring Kit
  • One dozen white eggs
  • Other Easter decorations (available at Dollar Stores)


When purchasing your Jelly Bellies, keep in mind a particular colour scheme. One or two colours are nice, or an assorted colour scheme is always popular with the kids.

Colour your eggs according to the package directions. It’s best to do this one-day ahead to save time.

Using your glue gun, carefully glue the Jelly Bellies around the Styrofoam ball with the pointed end facing up. Be sure to cover the entire ball.

With the remaining Jelly Bellies, fill your clear vase or champagne flutes in alternating colours.

Snip off the white ends of the tulips and place in small, clear vases or champagne flutes. Remember to use vases that are no more than 12” high when setting the table. This way, guests are able to see over the vases.

Once you have completed all the decorative items, you are now ready to place them on the table.

Randomly place your tulips, balls and clear vases filled with the Jelly Bellies down the center of the table. Surround the centerpiece with colourful placemats or a colourful tablecloth.

For added effect, purchase little “egg” candles available at the Dollar Stores.