Tips For Organizing The Bathroom

Published July 20, 2012

There is no question that smaller, more modern bathrooms are on the rise. In order to take advantage of the clean, minimalist look bathrooms nowadays must be efficient, organized and clutter-free. The traditional bathroom is also becoming more streamlined and efficient. Homeowners prefer the “less-is-more” approach to bathroom design so space planning and toiletry organization are key factors in laying out a contemporary bathroom.

Whether you choose the more traditional route or the trendy, minimalist look here are a few tips to help make the most of your bathroom.


Out With the Old and In With the New

When was the last time you really cleaned out the medicine cabinet? What about your cosmetic supplies cupboard?  Many of us keep old prescriptions and other creams and lotions for too long. Ridding the cabinet of these items is the first step to organizing the bathroom. Check prescription expiry dates and make- up that is out of date. You will be surprised to see how much room you will have once the purge is done.


Keep Everyday Supplies Handy and Stocked Up

Toilet paper, shampoos and conditioners are just three examples of everyday items that should be easily accessible and checked regularly. These items must have designated locations that are within reach with ample supplies on hand. Use a large Rubbermaid container or large wicker basket that slides under a sink for easy storage. Ikea, Linen & Things and Pier 1 all carry chic and funky storage ideas for your blow dryer, extra shampoo and toilet paper. Pedestal sinks look sleek and modern but unfortunately the under-sink storage is lost.  If you have pedestal sink you may want to consider purchasing a small bathroom cabinet that can be tucked against a wall or corner for your items.


Hooked on Hooks

Smaller bathrooms do not have a lot of towel storage space so one way to keep a good supply of towels on hand is with wall hooks. Use them behind doors, on doors, over sinks and at the end of your bathtub. Towel hooks alleviate the need for large, bulky towel cabinets and each member of the family is able to claim their own hook for day-to-day use.


Creative Containers

Probably one of the easiest ways to keep your bathroom organized is to combine design with practicality. Look for small stainless steel toilet paper holders that slide behind the toilet. Instead of hanging a painting over the toilet, install a small, opaque glass storage cabinet that not only looks attractive but is functional as well. Towels rolled up and displayed in wicker baskets in the corner of the room are extremely stylish and a great way to store guest towels.

Finally, if you don’t mind displaying your cotton balls, hand soaps and face cloths out in the open place them in stainless steel containers or large, glass jars. They look pretty on display and allow you or your guest use of these items if need be.

If lack of space is a concern for your bathroom take the time to walk through a routine day in the room. The space should be user-friendly, efficient and stylish all at once if proper planning is initiated from the start.