Valentines Day Door Hanger

Published July 20, 2012

Too many people today celebrate Valentines Day out of obligation rather than celebration. I like to look at it as the one day that reminds us to take some time and show our loved ones how much they mean to us.

Getting the kids involved in making their own Valentines Day cards for their friends is just one way to get the family involved.

Another nice idea is to make a very simple and chic flower cone to hang on the door. This cone may be made to hang on your outside door to greet everyone on their way in and then moved to the center of your table as a centerpiece.



  • Pink or red Patterned 8.5″ x 11″ Paper (available at Craft Stores)
  • Glue stick or glue gun
  • Hole Punch
  • Satin or organza ribbon in coordinating colour
  • Miniature Pink Rose Buds (approximately 18-24)
  • 3 large white roses
  • Sharp scissors


Begin by assembling your cone.

Carefully fold your patterned paper into the shape of a cone. The finished length of the cone should be approximately 5″-6″ tall. Trim off the top 1″ to form a flat edge. Glue with your glue gun or stick.

With your hole punch, pop out two holes on each side of the cone.

Cut a piece of ribbon approximately 12″- 14″ long and attach each end to the hole punched areas. Be sure the ribbon is strong enough to hold the rose posy.

Clean off any leaves, thorns and residue from your roses. Cut the stems of the three white roses down to 8″-9″ tall. You may have to take only a little off the end. If your rose stems are not long, simply adjust the length of the cone to fit. Repeat with the stems of the miniature roses.

To make your posy, simply begin with the larger roses first and slowly group the miniature roses around the three larger ones.

Hold the posy in your hand and tie tightly with a 12″ piece of ribbon.

Gently place the flowers inside the cone and place outside on the door.

The roses will last overnight if kept outside on the door. If you plan on using them as a centerpiece, be sure to give all the rose stems a fresh snip on their ends and immediately place in water.

*Did you know?

More than 150million Valentine’s Day cards are exchanged on this day every year?